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Principal’s Message  

'Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man’- Swami Vivekananda. 

Education is a life-long learning process. Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens even at home; between home and school too. The common mission of both the school and home is, therefore, to provide a learning environment and opportunities to the children as the learners. The educational scenario is changing rapidly and so is the educational world. We will ever have to understand the needs of the child and adopt a child friendly approach. A positive and progressive approach, faith in oneself and a sense of commitment will help us a lot to realize our vision and mission. As a precursor of ‘New Education Policy-2020’ implementation, we engage the students through tremendous learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience, thereby promoting their critical thinking, problem solving and experiential learning acumen and ability. We are aiming at those all round personas, who will be known for what they really are and not for percentiles alone. They will be well equipped, armed to take on the big and bad world with their positivity and resourceful endeavours and to overcome the existential crisis shadowing the innate talents of many talented students today. These are our dreams. We have made these dreams transfer into our thoughts and further striving mightily to make thoughts result in action.

Authentic education implies an on-going, continuous interplay between the four moments of context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation among parents, students and teachers. I view the school as a center of excellence; as we have teaching as a mission, learning as a passion and excellence as a tradition. I believe education lies there where the importance is accorded on blossoming of physical, mental, ethical, emotional and social faculties. Frankly speaking, the Head of the school must have a quintessential mission and pioneering initiative to produce and create a rich human resource with human, social and national value. As a Head I take pride in stating that this school is the quintessence of a perfect nursery where the focus is shifted on creation of an atmosphere where the students build up their self confidence and further learn to live the life with self esteem. It is heartening to note that the school is committed to upholding the tradition of excellence, standing out in its litmus test and proving itself, as always,  as the pre-eminent center of learning. We are providing our students a climate conducive to the flowering of their creativity impulse. To sum up “The tradition of excellence is ours; the choice is thine !"
The students step into the portal of this amazing institution with pure thoughts, lofty aims, high hopes and exalted aspirations. As an accountable institution, the school leaves no stone unturned in living up to their expectations. They are taught to take a sanguine view of every aspect and dream big and then channel whole energy and resources to attain the goal.
Our prime aim is to synthesize both tradition and modernity and impart the kind of education which is happy and healthy blending of our ancient thought and culture and ideas of modernity.
My deepest sense of gratitude goes to  Arya Ratna Dr. (Shri) Punam Suri , Padma Shree Awardee, President DAV College Managing Committee and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha, New Delhi - cum - Chancellor, DAV University Jalandhar and Arya Veer Hon’ble Dr. J.P. Shoor, Director (PS-I) DAV CMC, New Delhi for showering their blessings on all of us. They are the beacon of guiding light always encouraging to channel our energy in pursuit of excellence and discover the unexplored horizon. In the line I owe my deep debt of gratitude to our Hon’ble Chairman Dr.(Shri) M.C. Sharma, Hony.Treasurer, DAV CMC, New Delhi.
My profound indebtedness to Hon’ble Dr.(Smt.) Urmila Singh,ARO (Independent Charge)  DAV Public Schools, Jharkhand Zone - D forever showing us the path for the course of our action and efforts. My expression of thankfulness won’t be complete unless and until I acknowledge the timely yet unqualified support of Hon’ble Shri M. K. Mishra, ( Former Principal, DAV Agrasen, Bharech Nagar, Ramgarh) Manager of this school. The school extends sincerest thanks to all Hon’ble members of LMC, District Administration, Parents/Guardians, Well Wishers and Media persons for their open-hearted cooperation. Jai Hind, Jai DAV ; DAV jai jai.


Krishna Kumar Singh





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Affiliated to CBSE, NEW DELHI UPTO + 2 LEVEL
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